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7 Reasons Why Your School Needs a House Points App

Every year, schools are looking for ways to upgrade their positive behaviour learning systems. Shortage of time, resources and collegial focus have hampered staff in managing their systems and engaging their students week to week. The post-covid era we live in has changed the way we teach, how we teach and the way we manage our classes. Today we will touch on how an interactive house points app could benefit your primary school and how you could start as early as today!

1. This is a genuine time saver!

Everyday, teachers are working through their break times, staying back after school and using unnecessary resources to manage their PBL systems. A house points app saves teachers from sending students to collect data, typing up excel documents and having to physically manage scoreboards and awards. An all-in-one system would allow schools to save hours per week and redirect their time towards the education of their students.

2. The students receive instant gratification

100 house points! Yes! but where do these points go? and how do they get there? House points applications allow points to be awarded immediately and tabled up with the rest of the class. The best bit is that students can see their impact on the school leaderboard and see their efforts reach a school level. There has never been a better time to engage students across all key learning areas and a house points app can do just that.

3. It's consistent on a school level

Now imagine a world where every student experienced the same positive learning experience which was transferrable between teachers and classes. When schools drive a school wide behaviour system, the results are fantastic! Students celebrating other students and peers accepting one another. A house points app which is consistent throughout all classes in the school is the one stop shop for a school wide behaviour system that works!

4. It's customised to your school

House points are a unique system which may differ between schools using different colours and emblems (To find out more about what house point are, click here). Customise your application using your school logo and house colours. It's simple to set up and every teacher in the school uses the same network. Tailor made for your staff and students. Teachers can also customise their own accounts to set up a My Class section and award individuals on a daily basis.

5. It's totally gamified!

Kids love games. It's a fact! Whether it be outside or indoors on electronics. Companies are using their resources to gamify applications to engage students on a daily basis. House points apps use real time scoreboards, game-based sounds and graphics to engage students in their daily learning. House points apps aren't just an easy way to record house points, they are a motivator and incentive for students on a delay basis.

6. Students are even more connected to each other

When the oldest student at your school has something in common with the youngest students at your school. That's a win! Providing a platform for students to connect allow students a sense of team identity and belonging. This identity goes further than sports carnivals and events but into daily life. Students celebrating other students is a main pillar in house points apps.

7. Update, add and monitor from anywhere

What's better than a house points inside the classroom? A house points app outside the classroom! Update your scores on the go from any browser. This makes it easy and efficient from any location such as sports carnivals, excursions and camps. It's the app that keeps on giving!

To register a free account on Housebytes, world's first FREE house points app for schools head to or contact them directly to upgrade you school account and connect every teacher across the school! All upgraded accounts come with an included resource kit and an OVERSIZED Housebytes Trophy!

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