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  • What is HouseBytes?
    HouseBytes is an online whole-school house point management system developed specifically to engage students and promote positive behaviour.
  • How do I start a HouseBytes account?
    Simply click 'Sign Up'. Enter your details. Select your school server or create one! Open the interface, enter your school details and start awarding points! Invite more teachers to your school account through your MY TEACHERS tab.
  • Who can join the class server?
    A teacher can join a school server a variety of ways. They can have their account set up manually by the admin (original creator of the server), be invited by the admin or they can join their school using their custom school code generated and provided to the admin.
  • How can I view the Live Scoreboard?
    The Live Scoreboard can be viewed from any device and any user attached to the school server. Scoreboards can be viewed with quicklink buttoms on the bottom right of the interface.
  • I am unable to join my class server?
    School servers are protected by a unique school code generated by the administrator of the account. Contact the original admin to gain the code or to request an invitation.
  • How can I edit our house names and colours?
    House colours and names can be modified on the user dashboard accessible by the admins. Simply cick the settings button and change the features relative to your school.
  • Our school has more than four houses. Do you have a feature for this?
    HouseBytes are support all numbers of houses and all house colours. Our flexible programming allows all school access to this interactive program.
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