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The Value of House Points in the Modern Schooling Environment

We all know that the role of a teacher is not just to impart knowledge, but to also shape and mould the budding young minds of their students. To harness youthful energy and guide it on a path where curiosity, fun and success can all coexist.

What better way to do this than by incorporating a little friendly competition through the use of house points?

House points are a fantastic tool to motivate and engage students in their academic, sporting and personal journeys through schooling. They not only encourage good behavior and performance, but they also foster a sense of community and belonging within the school.

Education is as much about creating good people as it is good students, and the culture shaped by rewarding young people for putting themselves out there is valuable beyond what we can even imagine.

By awarding points to individuals or teams based on their achievements and contributions, students feel valued and recognized for their hard work. After years of Covid induced isolation and a wave of newly recognised 'school avoidance' in light of skyrocketing youth anxiety now more than ever these aspects of school life MATTER.

The modern classroom is also more digitised than ever, and whilst this enables so many amazing systems (such as ours!) house points are able to promote healthy physical activity and outdoor education in young people raised in an otherwise online age.

Within a house points system there exists for students a sense of responsibility and accountability. By keeping track of their own points and those of their house, students become more invested in their education and strive to do their best. This creates a positive cycle where good behavior and performance lead to more points, which leads to even more motivation and engagement.

Whether it be swimming or athletics carnivals or classroom behaviours house points can become a currency for fun and progress as students wade through school.q

For teachers a well run house points system is also gold because students WANT to do the best they can for their house. So for younger teachers with rowdy students, you have a sure fire way of gaining their attention.

Furthermore, the versatility and opportunity for teaching methods that lies within house points is boundless. Weekly quizzes, class competitions, sports programs all become much more achievable, with the stakes being so much higher for the students!

Overall, house points are a valuable tool for promoting positive behavior, fostering a sense of community, and motivating students to reach their full potential.

So, let's embrace this system and help our students grow and succeed!

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