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How to create a House System like Harry Potter in 2022

We are talking Gryffindor. We are talking Hufflepuff. We are talking Ravenclaw. And yes.. We are even talking Slytherin!

The house system is a commonly used reward system used in schools around the world. (See more at What are House Points?). Not only is it common in schools, it was also a key theme within the Harry Potter books and movie series. From the sorting hat to the games of quidditch, the house system was an effective marker of character development.

Now how can we effectively implement a house point system into our schools now?

House points systems available on all devices with interactive leaderboards and custom themes to match each school. Thats how!

Housebytes has developed freemium product for schools to utilise everyday within their schools. With game-like interfaces and an easy-to-manage platform, teachers and students are increasing their engagement within the school curriculum and embedding these online points systems into their infrastructure.

To start an account simply register yourself and add other teachers. There you can all add to a school leaderboard with is managed by the administrators account (you!). Provide your teachers with a common password or invite them by e-mail to build the hype and get students excited!

To register simply click here and follow the prompts!

or for more information on the product head to

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