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10 Creative Ways Teachers can use House Points to Encourage Students

Looking to mix up the house points approach? Want to keep the class on their toes? There are some fantastic ways teachers are able to utilise house points to promote and achieve success in the classroom, here are 10 of our favourites!

1. Attendance challenge:

Award points to houses with the highest attendance rate over a certain period of time. Amidst a wave of 'school avoidance' this is a great way to get students keen on getting back to class following a world filled with Covid lockdowns.

2. Academic excellence:

Offer bonus points for students who receive outstanding grades on tests and assignments or display excellent improvements. A classic method, tried and tested for success and very unlikely to let you down. Reinforces values of hard work and can push students towards being more open to criticism as well as receptive to teaching whilst in class.

Particularly for students less academically inclined, this can provide that extra boost of motivation to keep them focused and working at the desk.

3. Sportsmanship:

Give points to houses for displaying good sportsmanship and teamwork during physical education classes or inter-house sports competitions.

This is a fantastic way to encourage not simply sporting success but promote a sense of unity and togetherness between the students. The house points are there to support the growth of a strong moral and ethical compass whilst directing students have a broader perspective outside of a more childish 'competitive mindset'.

4. Environmental responsibility:

Encourage houses to adopt eco-friendly practices by awarding points for recycling, conserving energy, and participating in clean-up events.

Keeping up with the wave of environmental concern and conservation this gives students the desire to explore their habits for house points.

5. Creative expression:

Hold contests for the best written work, artwork, or music composition and award points to the winning houses. By supporting creativity at school house points are able to give spotlight to activities which are proven to be highly beneficial to mental health in young people.

Through broadening house points to arts, music and humanities students of all talents and natures have the chance to jump in on the fun whilst doing what they love.

6. Volunteer work:

Offer points for students who participate in community service projects, such as helping at a local food bank or volunteering at a pet shelter. Aligning existing social justice programs with house points can draw greater attendance and involvement which can lead to years of volunteering within the schooling system.

7. Class participation:

Award points to houses whose members actively participate in class discussions, ask questions, and offer solutions to problems.

One of the largest struggles amongst teachers is getting the class to actively participate and consider what they're being presented with. Particularly for students who are more shy or less focused this can be a great strategy to get them talking constructively.

8. Healthy habits:

Encourage students to lead a healthy lifestyle by awarding points for healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and taking care of their mental health.

With such heavy focus on mental health in recent years, many students simply clock-out when faced with a powerpoint presentation. So this presents an active and inclusive way of developing positive habits

9. Reading challenge:

Set a goal for the number of books each student should read in a year, and award points to houses who achieve this goal.

This can link in with programs such as the Premier's Reading Challenge and get the kids reading again!

10. Collaboration:

Encourage students to work together on group projects and award points to houses with the most successful collaboration. By doing this teachers are able to encourage a shared learning environment which is beneficial to all students.

These are just a few ideas, and there are many more creative uses of house points!

So get creative and find ways to engage and motivate your students through this fun and effective system!

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